Thank you for your input in our survey! We are happy to see that the majority of you enjoy our content. You can have a look at some results below:  

How useful is the information we have been sharing in the past weeks?

More than 65% of respondents find the content useful or very useful, believing it helps them better manage their businesses. 21% of the respondents were neutral while 13% do not find the information helpful.

What topics that we covered are most interesting for our partners?

Based on the results, the most popular topics for you are travel trends post-COVID 19, our webinars, and communication about our operational changes. You also appreciated reading about the hygiene safety regulations and the launch of the blog.

What are other topics partners would like to hear more about?

Your answers showed us that you would like to know more about countries’ status, travel restrictions, and trends for domestic and international travel.

We’ve provided an overview of what to know for reopening countries here and insight into travel trends in two specific blog posts, here and here.

We will continue to share our insights as we gather more data about booking trends, research with travelers and our teams around the world.