We invite you to watch our online conference with Tao Tao, COO and co-founder at GetYourGuide.

Organized on April 2nd 2020 in collaboration with Arival Online, many tour operators and partners attended and participated in the conference. 

We’ve uploaded the conference to make sure you can access and continue to learn from the insightful discussion.

You can watch the session below:

For any unanswered questions from the session, look at our provided answers or ask your questions directly on Arival’s forum Arival Connect.

You will need to register to the forum to access the information. 

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Rui is a Supplier Success Project Manager at GetYourGuide where he works towards constant improvement of the experience of our partners. He is also a passionate traveler and full-time world explorer, having lived in 8 countries in the last 10 years. He studied International Management, graduating from NOVA School of Business & Economics in Portugal and Louvain School of Management in Belgium. If you are up for a challenge you can try your luck against Rui in table tennis, since as a youngster he made it to the Portuguese national team!