After months of living with lockdown measures in place, people are exhibiting a growing desire to travel and experience the world. With current social distancing measures and travel restrictions in place, travelers are looking to avoid crowds and travel domestically. 

How do we know this? In addition to the Travel Demand Recovery Index we released last week, we conducted a survey on travelers’ expectations and needs during the current reopening phase. With thousands of participants from 6 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States), we learned how travelers are planning their summer holidays. 

Of all the insights from the survey, we saw the most interest in outdoor activities. Here are some of our key findings:  

This summer, travelers plan to take multi-day trips to the beach and countryside

From our survey, we learned that 65% of respondents intend on traveling domestically for their next vacations. Additionally, most of those respondents are interested in countryside or beach destinations. 

When looking at specific markets, 55% of German and British travelers are searching for countryside destinations, compared to 60% of Spanish and Italian travelers who are searching for beach destinations. While authorities in the United Kingdom have limited access to beaches, bookings for campsites in the country have risen by 60%, compared to 2019. Operators located in coastal and rural regions have an opportunity to tap into the current demand. 

When looking for activities, travelers plan to get outdoors

Naturally, outdoor activities are in hot demand for travelers looking to avoid large crowds. In countryside destinations, we’ve seen a 5% increase in interest for outdoor adventure activities, compared to 2019. In cities, interest in outdoor walking tours has increased by 2% compared to an 11% decrease in interest for museums and other indoor attractions. 

Expect demand for bike tours, kayak tours, hiking tours, or any activity that easily allows travelers to keep safe distance to rise.

Travelers consider outdoor activities safe

According to our survey, 60% of respondents cited a fear of catching COVID-19 as their main barrier to travel. Respondents consider the following activities to be safe: visiting outdoor attractions (~23%), outdoor walking tours (~29%) and outdoor adventures (~22%). In contrast, respondents considered the following activities to be unsafe: visiting theme parks (~18%), using public transport (~36%), river cruises (~20%) or hop-on hop-off buses (~35%).

Clearly, outdoor activities have potential to see significant growth this summer, as travelers believe social distancing measures can be adhered to more easily. 

What about tours and activities in cities?

While we see significant opportunities for traditionally outdoor destinations, people still show interest in city-based activities. In conjunction with planning for domestic travel, people are currently more willing to re-discover their own cities. When asked where they would plan their next trip, 26% of British and German travelers selected their home cities. Interest in activities like outdoor walking tours offer an opportunity for city-based suppliers to take part in the current demand for outdoor activities. 

Above all else, we see that travelers are concerned about their health and safety. For indoor activities, tour operators should make sure to clearly communicate the updated health and safety measures that have been put in place.


To learn more about current trends in travel demand, check our Demand Index Recovery Index. Read our hygiene safety regulations overview for health and safety measures per country.

If you are a GetYourGuide local partner, read our support emails we sent the last couple of weeks to know how to implement and communicate the health and safety arrangements in your product on GetYourGuide.