Following the COVID-19 outbreak, GetYourGuide made sure customers and suppliers alike had their health interests looked after. To this end, health and safety displays were launched in June 2020 for our local partners on GetYourGuide. This gives customers peace of mind and it maximizes local partners’ business potential. From “Bring your own mask” to “The number of visitors is limited”, the topics were categorized and designed to be easily read on tours and activities. 

COVID-19 displays have already been implemented on 1/3 of local partners suppliers’ tours and activities. According to GetYourGuide data, these are the top 3 displays so far: frequent cleaning (23%), limited visitors (20%) and masks required (18%).  

These trends are easily understandable. For instance, motorized tours or cruises require frequent cleaning as it is a must to make customers feel safe. Attractions and guided tours, meanwhile, restrict numbers to ensure social distancing is possible. Masks are also important since they contribute to limiting the spread of the virus. Temperature checks, on the other hand, have not been implemented as previously thought so far. 

Health and Safety Measures% of Tours
Frequent Cleaning 23% 
Limited Visitors20%
Masks Required18%
Social Distancing in Vehicles16%
Protective Equipment Provided9%
Temperature Checked Required7%
Form to be Filled Out4%
Personal Headphones Required3%

To find out more about how to implement health and safety measures while conducting your tours, take a look at the GetYourGuide’s training for Originals’ guides. Keep your customers safe by following government regulations featured in our hygiene safety regulations overview.  

You did not apply health and safety measures on your products on GetYourGuide? Check our FAQ on the Supplier Administration Site.