For their vacation, many travelers in Europe have decided on a staycation or to visit places abroad that are easily reachable by ground transportation. Therefore excursions to explore cities and their surrounding areas have become popular. At GetYourGuide, we have analyzed our data and looked at the top locations Berliners, Parisians, and Romans are visiting this summer. We’ve also recognized the trending ones, meaning locations that have gained growing interests from travelers in 2020 vs last year (2019).  This study will give you insights and ideas on how to adapt your product in the best way.

While Berliners and Romans are more into exploring their own country or city, Parisians and Madrilenians are happy with taking a ride by car or train to travel to neighbouring countries. 

Berliners: Germany is the place to be in summer 2020

Berliners rediscover their backyard, enjoying city cruises on the Spree River and tours in Potsdam, Dresden, and Hamburg.

RankPoint Of Interest
1Spree River, Berlin
2Cecilienhof Palace, Potsdam
3Speicherstadt, Hamburg
4Wannsee, Potsdam
5Museum Island, Berlin
6Semperoper, Dresden
7Alexanderplatz, Berlin
8Madame Tussauds, Berlin
9Elbe River, Dresden
10Landwehrkanal, Berlin

The 3 trendiest places visited by Berliners this summer are the Elbe River in Dresden, Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, and the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. As the car is one of the main means of transportation, Berliners feel confident doing a short trip to neighbouring cities like Dresden or crossing the borders to visit the Netherlands.

Rank Point Of Interest
RANK CHANGE in 2020 vs 2019
1Elbe River,  Dresden+71 ranks
2Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin+64  ranks
3Heineken Experience, Amsterdam, The Netherlands+58  ranks
4Dresden Frauenkirche, Dresden+46  ranks
5HafenCity, Hamburg+43  ranks
6Semperoper, Dresden+39  ranks
7Hitler’s Bunker, Berlin+38  ranks
8Hamburg Port, Hamburg+34  ranks
9Berlin Wall, Berlin+30  ranks
10Cecilienhof Palace, Potsdam+29  ranks

Parisians: “Paris un jour, Paris toujours” or Paris one day, Paris everyday? 

Looking at the most popular booked locations by Parisians, we can see that travelers want to stay local and be tourists in their own city: Versailles and cruises on the Seine River are in the top 3 points of interest. Other destinations easily reachable by car or train are also among the favorites, with Mont Saint Michel ranking 3rd and the theme amusement park “Parc Astérix” in the top 5. Corsica, with its sun and beautiful beach landscapes is also in the ranking, most likely thanks to its accessibility via car and ferry. 

Despite the pandemic, Parisians are still curious and willing to travel beyond their borders: visits to Rome and its treasures, such as the Vatican City and its museums are also in the top 10. 

RankPoint Of Interest
1Palace of Versailles, Paris
2Seine River, Paris
3Mont Saint-Michel, France
4Parc Asterix, Plailly 
5Musée d’Orsay, Paris
6Vatican City, Rome
7Vatican Museums, Rome
8Scandola Nature Reserve, Corsica, France
9Arc de Triomphe, Paris
10Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Analyzing the locations that gained the most interest in 2020 vs last year, we have some surprising results since many places are located abroad. Parisians are still willing to discover sunny destinations such as Greece, Italy, and Spain as well as hopping on a car or train for a short time to Amsterdam. Greece and its islands are easily accessible by car thanks to the ferries connecting France and Italy. Interestingly, French locations like the Montparnasse Tower in Paris and Lyon, are also in the ranking. 

RankPoint Of InterestRANK CHANGE in 2020 vs 2019
1Roman Forum, Rome+70 ranks 
2Palea Kameni, Greece+60 ranks 
3Montparnasse Tower, Paris+58 ranks 
4Santorini Volcano, Greece+49 ranks 
5Vieux Lyon, Lyon+48 ranks 
6Heineken Experience, Amsterdam+41 ranks 
7Palatine Hill, Rome+40 ranks 
8FC Barcelona Museum/ Camp Nou, Barcelona+38 ranks 
9Caminito del Rey, Málaga+37 ranks 
10Mont Saint-Michel, France+30 ranks 

Romans: it’s all about Rome, it’s all about Italy 

Romans are clearly discovering their own city this summer since 8 of the top 10 locations are in Rome, from Vatican City to Palatine Hill. Venice and Pompeii are the only other Italian cities in the top 10: city cruises on the Venetian lagoon as well as tours to discover the ancient city of Pompeii are booked a lot. 

RankPoint Of Interest
1Vatican City, Rome
2Vatican Museums, Rome
3Sistine Chapel, Rome
4Colosseum, Rome
5Vatican Gardens, Rome
6Roman Forum, Rome
7St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome
8Palatine Hill, Rome
9Venetian Lagoon, Venice
10Pompeii, Napoli 

When checking the trending locations, we can see that Romans are more interested in discovering outdoors and enjoying fresh air this year. Indeed, the 3 trendiest places visited by Romans this summer are the Vatican Gardens, Ravello — the departure point for boat trips around the Amalfi Coast —, as well as Mount Vesuvius. The volcano is one of the main points of interest for day trips and enables Romans to discover Pompeii along the way.

RankPoint Of InterestRANK CHANGE in 2020 vs 2019
1Vatican Gardens, Rome+67 ranks 
2Ravello, Amalfi Coast/ Salerno+66 ranks 
3Mount Vesuvius, Napoli+64 ranks 
4Hadrian’s Villa, Rome+48 ranks 
5Aquarium of Genoa+44 ranks 
6Grand Canal, Venice+41 ranks 
7Mount Etna, Sicily+37 ranks 
8Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia+34 ranks 
9Doge’s Palace, Venice+30 ranks 
10Venetian Lagoon, Venice+19 ranks 

Madrilenians: the ones who go abroad the most 

Even if Andalucia is the most popular region to visit and is in the top 3, travelers also booked cruises and tours in Paris and Florence. It is an interesting pattern and constitutes a unique trend in our analysis, as other travelers stick mainly to their own cities when it comes to activities.  

RankPoint Of Interest
1Alhambra and Generalife, Granada
2Caminito del Rey, Málaga
3Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Córdoba
4Seine River, Paris
5Vatican City, Rome
6Montparnasse Tower, Paris
7Florence Cathedral, Florence
8Nasrid Palaces, Granada
9Vatican Museums, Rome
10Santorini Volcano, Greece

Looking at the activities that have gained the most interest in 2020 vs 2019, travelers  from Madrid are really curious about visiting the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Otherwise, the trending locations are pretty diverse and are mainly in Italy. It’s interesting to see the growth of locations like Lobos Island and Mount Teide in Spain as well as Ponta da Piedade, which are easily accessible by car. 

RankPoint Of InterestRANK CHANGE in 2020 vs 2019
1Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid+71 ranks
2Nasrid Palaces, Granada+67 ranks
3Michelangelo’s David, Florence+58 ranks
4Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany+56 ranks
5Doge’s Palace, Venice+55 ranks
6Lobos Island, Spain+50 ranks
7Palatine Hill, Rome+41 ranks
8Mount Teide, Canary Islands, Spain+32 ranks
9Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Portugal+30 ranks
10Roman Forum, Rome+29 ranks

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