While COVID-19 has impacted the world’s most popular destinations, many countries have used the time to craft solutions for overtourism and sustainability problems. Similarly, GetYourGuide is taking measures to meet its customers’ growing demand for sustainable tour and activity options.

To gain insight into the mindset of current travelers, we conducted a survey of 1,000 people in the German market. While travelers are naturally more aware of hygiene and safety regulations these days, we learned they’re also more interested in booking sustainable tours and activities. 

When asked what would incentivize them to book, 26% of our survey respondents said responsible tourism initiatives played a factor. 

Earlier this year, we launched the GetYourGuide Eco-certified badge to meet the growing demand for responsible tourism activities from our customers. Based on our survey results, providing an eco-friendly product is more than just good for the environment, it’s good for business. To apply for our Eco-Certified badge, make sure you’ve implemented the necessary measures to comply with our sustainable tourism standards. 

What is an eco-certification?

Eco-Certified tours should both provide a positive impact on the environment and reduce any negative impact. Our eco-friendly tours follow the criteria proposed by the Global Sustainability Tourism Council (GSTC):

  • Resource conservation
  • Pollution reduction
  • Ecosystem conservation
  • Wildlife protection 

What are the requirements for our Eco-certified badge?

Suppliers who are awarded an eco-certification from an NGO, non-profit organization, or government agency can add the GetYourGuide Eco-certified badge to their products. Some examples of accepted organizations include EarthCheck, Biosphere, Hawaii Ecotourism Association, Fair Trade Tourism, and Ecotourism Australia.

What does the Eco-Certified badge look like?

The Eco-certified badge will be placed on your activity details page. You can see how the badge appears on the page in the example below: 

How can you request that your activity receives the Eco-Certified badge?

  1. Check your tour pages to see if your products have already been labeled with the Eco-certified badge. 
  2. If your tour pages have not already been labeled with the badge, contact your account manager at GetYourGuide with the following:
  • Supplier ID
  • Tour ID of Eco-certified activities
  • A copy or proof of your certification, including any relevant links. Ensure that the documents you submit show that the certification is currently valid. 

For more information on how to optimize your product for our platform, check out our 4 easy tips on how to maximize your product’s performance on GetYourGuide.