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Asking for reviews is often nerve-wracking and awkward for Guides – but what if we told you it doesn’t have to be? Here are our 3 favorite tips on how to ask for reviews, and the reasons for why it even matters.
According to Reevoo, a consumer ratings and review expert, there are 3 practical reasons why having lots of reviews is important. Hear this:
1. It increases conversion (and hence, sales!): it’s simple: more reviews = higher confidence from visitors = higher likelihood that they book the experience. This can result in an average uplift in revenues of 18%!
2. It improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Amazing SEO means that a website and/or product page is well positioned online, and there is a higher chance that people find it. “Search engines love fresh content – they value new information just as much as we do. Embedding reviews on pages and updating them frequently attracts a lot more attention from search engines. Pages that rank higher on search engines enjoy higher organic traffic.” (Reevoo)
3. It allows for valuable insights: As you know, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our Originals experiences. Hearing from customers first-hand allows us to know what is going well, and what we can tweak to improve.
For the data lovers out there, here are a few review-related statistics from a study conducted by PhocusWire that you might find interesting:
  • 80% of travelers who received a request left a review
  • Only 22% of travelers wrote a review without being asked
  • Men are 7% more likely than women to leave a review, however, women leave 3% more positive reviews than men
So, all of this being said, you may now better understand why GetYourGuide encourages our customers to review their experiences with us. We send customers an email the day after their tour to ask for their feedback, and make sure that the questions we ask are short and sweet (it takes about 1-2 minutes to leave a review).
But sometimes sending an email isn’t enough to rise above the noise of today’s e-world. This is why we ask Guides to encourage customers to leave a review at the end of their Originals tour.
To help them out with this, we would like to share our top 3 tips for Guides on what we find works best when asking customers to leave a review.
  1. Make it personal
Let customers know why it matters. Perhaps it’s because you find it really gratifying to read reviews that mention your name, after a long day of work. Or maybe it’s because your Originals just launched and every review makes a difference to the tour’s success. Whatever it is, explain why you will appreciate the customer’s feedback.
Welcome to the Tour
Bidding farewell to customers with a friendly smile
Here’s a nice example we’ve heard:
– Thanks for going on this GetYourGuide Originals adventure with me! I would love to hear how it went for you and would really appreciate it if you left a review. I take the time to read them all and give thought to what you have to say, so make sure to call out my name, it’s Jack.
2. Add a fun touch
Who doesn’t love to finish on a funny note? Here are a few quotes by witty Guides we’ve heard that stuck:
Yan in Bali with a joyful personality!
– If you loved the tour so much that you want to give me 5 stars, my name is Carol. Anything under 5 stars, my name is Mary.
– My mum reads every review that I get, so you would make her and me very happy.
– I am actually quite vain and I love to read about myself! So please write all the nice things that you can think of, and mention my name: Tom 🙂
3. Be specific
Customers will receive an email from GetYourGuide the day after their tour asking for a review. If customers have the GetYourGuide app on their phone, they will receive a notification asking for a review a few hours after the end of the tour. Being specific about this makes it likelier that they will keep an eye out. For example:
– Thanks for going on this Originals journey with me! If you have the app, you’ll get a notification in a few hours asking for a review! Otherwise, tomorrow you will receive an email. I would really appreciate you taking the time to leave one.
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