As regions loosen up the travel restrictions for tourists and more and more tours are returning going back to operation, making sure customers and tour guides feel safe and comfortable during the tours is a top priority.

With our Originals partners and guides, we have created an overview of measures and recommendations for Originals tours. Also we recorded this brief session with guides and suppliers that shows how to implement these recommendations on the daily basis.

What is the session about?

  • Find out about the context on why we focus on health & safety measures
  • Dive into the measures and hear some best practices from our Originals guests
  • Test your knowledge with a short quiz and have the opportunity to post your follow-up questions

What health & safety measures do we discuss in the session?

  • How to encourage physical distancing amongst participants and what is recommended inside vehicles
  • How to treat wearing face masks
  • How to keep equipment used during the tour safe
  • How to offer hand sanitisers during walking tours and in vehicles
  • How to keep health & safety of the staff
  • What extra safety precautions to keep inside vehicles
    & more

Have a look!

GetYourGuide Originals Health & Safety Session: Originals Guides

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