GetYourGuide has made changes to its payout structure and customer cancellation policy to help partners during COVID-19.

We’re introducing the option to receive bimonthly payments to help our partners with liquidity once bookings resume

We currently send payments on a monthly basis, but will switch to bimonthly payments as soon as bookings resume. In conjunction with our efforts for the recovery phase, implementing a bimonthly payment structure will help with liquidity. We expect this payment structure to last for a period of 3 to 6 months and the conditions are based on the following: 

  • The destination, or where the activity takes place, has the capacity of welcoming travelers again.
  • Bookings resume for active products in the area.

The 2% extra commission currently paid by suppliers who previously decided to receive bimonthly payouts is lifted moving forward. The extra commission will be reintroduced again after this specific period.

To benefit from the new payment policy, partners are required to reach out to us through this contact form so we can collect feedback and proceed accordingly.  The partners who opt in will be informed as soon as bimonthly payouts are activated.  

After logging into GetYourGuide account, partners must select “Payment” as the topic of their question. After this, they should select “Invoicing” and request a switch to bimonthly payments in the message field before submitting their request. Please see the screenshots below. 

We’re incentivizing travelers to rebook their activities

Instead of receiving a full refund, travelers also have the option to receive a gift code redeemable for the full value of their booking plus a 10% credit to book experiences in the future.  

Our policy for travelers with existing bookings:

  • Customers who cancel a booking more than 24 hours in advance can receive a full refund or a gift code redeemable for the full value of their booking plus 10%.
  • Customers who cancel a booking within 24 hours of the planned start time will receive a credit redeemable for the full value of their booking.
  • Customers with a booking to an attraction that has closed as a preventative measure can receive a full refund or a gift code redeemable for the full value of their booking plus 10%.

Our goal is to provide you with clarity and information so you can adapt accordingly for the tourism upswing. Look at our recent post about what travel could look like once travel can start again. We also recommend you read this uplifting story from Thiago, one of our partners from Favela Santa Marta Tour in Brazil, about his decision to act against the COVID-19 impact on his neighbourhood. Finally, read this article published on Phocuswire that highlights the announcement of our operational changes.