This summer, with new social distancing measures in place due to COVID-19, it is more important than ever to know how to meet and greet guests.

The best place to do this: Designated meeting points. These are the specific places where you meet customers before an activity begins. Making sure customers know where to find a meeting point is critically important. At GetYourGuide, 15% of all contacts we have received from customers in the past year were questions around the meeting point of a tour.

Easy-to-find meeting points can launch tours with a pleasant experience. Confusing meeting points can give customers a more negative first impression. This is why it’s important to choose the perfect meeting point for your tour.

In an effort to detail what makes a good meeting point, we have gathered meeting points on GetYourGuide for eight top attractions around Europe and provided alternatives. It is our hope that these examples inspire you to seek alternate meeting points for other tours at different attractions as well. 


Most tours of the Alhambra start from the ticket office and souvenir shop, from addresses such as:

  • Paseo del Generalife, 1, 18009 Granada (Used 107 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Camino Viejo del Cementerio (Used 21 times on GetYourGuide)

Our advice: Try to avoid setting a meeting point next to the ticket offices, as this area can get crowded. There are other places near the Alhambra entrance that make it easier to meet customers, such as the entrance to a specific hotel.


With a concentration of meeting points around the Colosseum Metro stop and the Piazza del Colosseum, customers may have a hard time finding their group amid the crowds.

Here are some most frequently used meeting points on GetYourGuide for tours to the Colosseum:

  • The Piazza del Colosseum (Used 86 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Via della Polveriera (Used 72 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Largo Gaetana Agnesi (Used 64 times on GetYourGuide)

Our Advice: Set your meeting point away from the Metro station and the Northern part of the monument, as these are the most crowded areas with many different tours starting from the same general spots. Instead, choose a meeting point in front of a shop on a street such as Via dei SS. Quattro.

Eiffel Tower

Despite all of the open space at its base, the Eiffel Tower can be tricky when it comes to setting a meeting point to connect with customers. There are many entrances, and most of them look the same. On GetYourGuide, most tours start away from the entrance, on Avenue de la Bourdonnais (Used 30 times on GetYourGuide).

Our advice: Ask your customers to meet you in front of Bassins du Champ de Mars, so long as you make sure to specify which side. Crowds are smaller here, so it will be easier for them to find you. They also will be able to take the perfect picture of the monument.


The Elbphilharmonie is the most popular tourist attraction in Hamburg, so it can be quite crowded. Meeting points for tours are located in several areas such as:

  • The Hanseatic Trade Center (Used 7 times on GetYourGuide)
  • The Baumwall metro stop (Used 6 times on GetYourGuide)

Our advice: Start your tour from the Dalmannkei Treppen, in front of a specific cafe (of your choice) to make sure customers find you. You can grab a coffee with your customers and look out on the port while you wait for stragglers in the group to show up.

Louvre Museum

As many travelers gather around the Pyramids and front entrance of the Louvre, most guided tours start from places such as the Rue Rivoli, or in the area of the Carrousel:

  • Rue Rivoli (Used 25 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel (Used 14 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Place du Carrousel (Used 12 times on GetYourGuide)

Our advice: Start your tour from a predetermined spot along the Grand Bassin Rond in Jardin des Tuileries or Porte des Lions, where you will be away from the busy street, the chaos of the entrance of the museum, and the meeting points of most other tours.

Sagrada Familia

The incredible architecture of the Sagrada Familia attracts many travelers, with tours starting from various spots on some of the streets surrounding the monument. Some of these streets include:

  • Carrer de la Marina (Used 21 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Carrer de Sardenya (Used 18 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Carrer de Mallorca (Used 12 times on GetYourGuide)

Our advice: Start your tour a bit further away from the monument, such as from the other side of the beautiful Placa Gaudi. Crowds are smaller here.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum attracts quite a few tours every day, and here are the three meeting points that are used on GetYourGuide:

  • Hobbemastraat 18, 1071 DK Amsterdam (Used 21 times on GetYourguide)
  • Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam (Used 4 times on GetYourguide)
  • Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX Amsterdam (Used 2 times on GetYourguide)

Our advice: Because the museum is surrounded by other museums, the entire area attracts many travelers. To make sure your group’s gathering place stands out, choose a meeting point next to a distinctive place such as a kiosk or statue on the other side of the Paulus Potterstraat, or in the Museumplein.

Vatican Museums

For tours of the Vatican Museum, most meeting points are located on the north of the Vatican, such as

  • Viale Vaticano (Used 108 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Via Vespasiano (Used 89 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Via Leone IV (Used 48 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Via Germanico (Used 45 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Viale Giulio Cesare (Used 38 times on GetYourGuide)
  • Via Tunisi (Used 35 times on GetYourGuide)

Our advice: To avoid crowds, use a meeting point on the southern side of the Vatican, which is quieter than the northern side.

Meeting Points Best Practices

Beside this specific advice for each of these attractions, here is a general overview of the main pain points customers face with finding meeting points elsewhere. 

Pain Point: Meeting point is not clear

Recommended action:

  • Instead of only adding the address to the meeting point description, add a more descriptive explanation of the surroundings so that customers can visualize the meeting point better.
  • Make sure the guide is identifiable.

Pain Point: Meeting point is chaotic

Recommended Action:

  • Change to a calmer meeting point that is less crowded.
  • Change the start time slightly to avoid starting exactly when all other tours show up at the same meeting point.
  • Once you greet customers, move them to a slightly more open area and ask them to wait there.

Pain Point: Customers go to the wrong meeting point

Recommended Action:

  • If the meeting point is at a shop that belongs to a chain, mention the exact address in the description of the meeting point itself, then mention the name. This way customers intuitively first enter the address on Google maps instead of the name of the shop.
  • If you’re representing an attraction walking tour and customers repeatedly go straight to the attraction instead of to the meeting point, make the description clearer.

Additional instructions on how to update your meeting points are in our FAQs.

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