Dear Guides, 

Let’s start with a big THANK YOU! You are the face of GetYourGuide to thousands of travellers – our brand shines through you while guiding Originals tours. Many of you have have shown interest in hearing more about GetYourGuide so here we would like to share some more information about the company:

GetYourGuide was founded in 2009 by classmates Johannes, Tao, Martin and Tobias.

How did the founders come up with the idea of creating GetYourGuide?

On a trip to China, Johannes arrived one day earlier in Beijing. He spent his time wandering the streets, not knowing where to go or what to do. It wasn’t until Tao arrived on the scene to act as a local guide that the duo were able to fully experience their destination. 

Back in Zurich, with a defined vision of the future, our founders decided to change the world of travel and to create a platform that gathers the best activities across the globe, all in one place.

Although it all started quite humbly in a small student room, the company has grown quite significantly over the last 10 years:

Customer satisfaction has always been the major focus of the company.

Our Motto: Love Where You’re Going!

GetYourGuide’s mission is to give the world access to incredible experiences. To achieve this goal, we work hard to provide an amazing experience to the customers at every stage of their journey: creating a friendly user platform, offering a large selection of activities, assuring great customer service – just to name a few steps.

Now that you know more about GetYourGuide, let’s put it into practice: 3 tips on how to mention GetYourGuide during a tour:

Your introduction to the tour is crucial to get the experience off to a good start and it is the best time to give a warm welcome to the GetYourGuide Original tour (yep, you have already mentioned it once!). You can even go one step further by mentioning what the advantages of booking an Originals experience are such as: small groups, curated itineraries, priority access and most importantly, unforgettable local guides like you 🙂

During the tour, travellers are eager to hear your explanations, stories and anecdotes but remember their journey does not stop after your tour. You can provide them with some tips on other activities they can book with GetYourGuide. Even better if you can give more details about another Original tour. Check them out here.

Unfortunately the tour has to come to an end, again this is a great opportunity for you to ask travellers to leave a review on GetYourGuide. Try to personalise it: mention your name again, make it sound subtle and why not add a bit of humor.

Happy First Anniversary!

Before ending this second post, please join me in wishing a very Happy Birthday to the Alcazar Originals guides! The tour was launched on June 22, 2019 and has already delighted many travellers and reached a star rating of 4.8!