Governments across the world are taking cautious steps to lift border restrictions and allowing some businesses to reopen with updated safety and hygiene regulations. The travel industry is adapting to this “new normal” by complying with these regulations and optimizing the customer experience so that customers feel safe. Digital ticketing, contactless access, ticket codes, and booking flexibility are needed to reopen in the best conditions.

API connectivity can both help you reopen safely and increase your bookings at the same time. 

What is an API?

API means“application programming interface.” It is a technology that defines interactions between multiple software intermediaries. Reservation and ticketing systems are software that uses this technology. 

GetYourGuide integrates with industry-leading reservation and ticketing systems, allowing you to manage all of your bookings and availability in one place, enabling more customers to book online, last-minute, and in-destination.

By connecting your products on GetYourGuide to your reservation and ticketing system, the availability on GetYourGuide will be automatically synchronized with the  system that you use. Any new booking or cancellation made on GetYourGuide will also be processed in your system automatically. No manual work is needed. 

How exactly can API Connectivity help you with the tourism upswing?

1. Social Distancing and Availability Updates

Since social distancing is still one of the most efficient ways to fight against the spread of COVID-19, you will be adjusting the number of guests per tour during the early phases of reopening to ensure that safe distance is maintained between your customers at all times. 

With API connectivity, a reservation system can ensure that your product availability on GetYourGuide is always up-to-date. Simply adjust your availability in your system as needed so your product on GetYourGuide will be updated accordingly. You will not need to go to the GetYourGuide Supplier Administration Site to update your availability every time.  

Since GetYourGuide bookings and cancellations are also processed in your system automatically, overbooking or booking activities that are already sold out can not happen.  

2. Private Groups and API Connectivity

As travelers will feel cautious and want to have more control over their environment, private tours for families and groups of friends will likely be the choice for many of those transitioning from social distancing back to “normal.” 

GetYourGuide is one of a few OTAs able to handle group bookings via API (support may vary per system). Make sure you use Price per Group pricing configuration for your products on GetYourGuide with a corresponding configuration in your Reservation System.

3. Last-minute Bookings and Cut-off Times

Uncertainty, restrictions, and limited travel options cause even more travelers to leave booking experiences to the very last minute. 

Local travel is indicative of the first phase of reopening for most destinations. Since local travellers are generally familiar with the destination, they are less likely than foreign travellers to plan (and book) ahead.

Make sure you are ready to capture this demand by offering a very low booking cut-off time. We recommend a cut off time under 2 hours (a smaller cut-off time is generally better).

With API connectivity, you don’t need to worry about missing last-minute bookings while you get ready to meet your guests. Bookings will be processed automatically in your system, where you can access them when the activity starts.

4. Contactless Access and Ticket Codes

Eliminating unnecessary touchpoints with contactless payments and digital ticketing is a great way to ensure safety for customers. 

Did you know that for API-connected products, the ticket code (barcode, QR-code, etc.) from your system can be displayed automatically on GetYourGuide mobile vouchers, allowing guests to proceed straight to your experience without a need to exchange GetYourGuide voucher for your ticket at the ticket counter? 

This feature is supported by the majority of our integrations, Don’t hesitate to contact your booking system or let our team know using this form for more information.

5. Timed Ticketing for tours and attractions

Many attractions previously operating the “Opening Hours” type products (general admission, allowing customers to visit at the time of their choice) are now switching to “Fixed Times” (timed tickets, requiring customers to pre-select their visit time at time of booking) in order to limit the number of guests at the attraction at any given time. 

Our integrations with major ticketing systems can also handle such setup via API Connectivity and provide timed ticketing, providing a great customer experience from booking to visiting the attraction. 

If your connected product has recently switched to timed ticketing, you may need to reconnect your product to ensure connection works correctly. Please contact your booking system or let our team know using this form if you need assistance with this. 

6. Limited Resources and Booking Management

Reopening will be gradual, and we understand that at the very beginning you may not have the full reservations team to manage your bookings and product listings with OTAs.

Save time and money spent on manually creating, editing, and cancelling GetYourGuide bookings in your system. With API connectivity, all bookings are automatically confirmed in your system if space allows.

How to connect?

If you are already using one of GetYourGuide-connected reservation or ticketing systems, but your products are not yet connected, please follow these instructions. Additional system-specific instructions can be found here

Your system isn’t listed? Please let us know using this form. We will contact your system and investigate the possibility to integrate.

Already connected? 

Check your connectivity settings in the GetYourGuide Supplier Administration site to make sure your product is still and well connected.