According to our latest survey and our Travel Demand Recovery Index, the desire to travel is still as strong as ever. However, travelers want to feel safe, meaning that in the next 3 months many will choose to explore “at home” in their own country.

In response to the increase in local travel demand, we made sure to show travelers that their home country is full of exploration opportunities. We wanted to show them they can also create memorable moments while vacationing at home by showcasing experiences that are available on their doorstep on GetYourGuide. 

This is how our new marketing campaign and our tagline “It’s all here” was born,” comments Jean-Gabriel Duveau, VP Brand Marketing at GetYourGuide.

In less than 8 weeks, the team came up with a campaign that will gradually be launched across our 5 core markets — Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the UK— as the spread of the pandemic slows down.” 

The campaign’s aim is to show travelers that vacations are possible this summer, and to drive more business to our local partners and support them in adapting to the “new normal”. Thanks to our local partners and teams, this campaign is already live in Germany

The visuals in the GetYourGuide “It’s all here” campaign are specifically designed to inspire locals to explore their home turf: 

You can see more about our German campaign in the video below.

To learn more about local travel and how you can adapt your business to the “new normal”, check out our Travel Demand Recovery Index and the potential of outdoor activities this summer.