As governments start loosening travel restrictions, we’ve started to see an increase in travel demand around the world.  We created a Demand Recovery Index to provide insights into the state of popular tourist destinations and help our local partners prepare for a tourism upswing.

Our index covers both popular countries for tourism and countries that have shown notable trends in recovery. Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States are all covered.   

You can find the demand recovery status per country, trending cities for countries that show positive signs of recovery, and some booking trends for tours, activities, and attractions around the world.

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Demand recovery status per country

The index splits recovery into 2 phases: lockdown and domestic travel.  The lockdown phase focuses on the domestic trends where we’ve seen the first signs of recovery. The domestic travel phase includes international travel data from neighboring countries.  

Overall, we’ve seen quick tourism recovery in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the United States during the lockdown phase. Additionally we saw a slight increase in travel demand for France, Australia, and Spain. Meanwhile, travel demand in the United Kingdom and Italy have not seen an increase. 

Many countries have shown significant signs of recovery like New Zealand, Germany or France, but Spain is now back to a lower demand recovery status.

From August 24 2020, only the domestic travel phase will be featured in the infographic since this phase is the most important period that we can currently highlight.

Trending cities for countries that show positive signs of recovery

When searching for their next holiday, travelers in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the United States are looking to travel to smaller cities. They are willing to explore destinations that are easily accessible by ground transportation or short haul flights. Smaller cities benefit from smaller crowds, making it easier to adhere to social distancing measures. Additionally, outdoor activities offer travelers a chance to escape crowds.

With summer around the corner, cities where travelers can experience outdoor activities like Timmendorfer Strand in Germany or Maastricht in the Netherlands, as well as coastal places like Ocean City in the United States have become popular destinations. For travelers who can’t access the coast, destinations like Lugano in Switzerland or Konstanz in Germany have become popular. In the southern hemisphere, travelers in New Zealand are planning to visit Taupo, famous for its lakefront setting and outdoor sports ranging from fishing to jet-boating. 

Booking trends for tours, activities, and experiences

With the rise of domestic travel, tours offered in local languages are gaining popularity, with bookings increasing by 40 percent in June compared to the beginning of January. Many travelers also take instability into account, looking for activities that offer flexible cancellation. Bookings for activities that are not cancelable have decreased by 60 percent in June compared to the start of the year. 


Key Takeaways

Based on the above insights, adapting your product in the following ways could help increase bookings:

  • Offering tours and activities that take place outdoors.
  • Offering tours and activities in your country’s local language.
  • Offering flexible cancellation for activities.
  • Taking advantage of domestic travel to smaller cities. 

If possible, these steps will allow you to take advantage of current demand trends. If you want to know more about updating your product to fit your customers’ expectations, have a look at our 4 tips to maximize your product’s performance on GetYourGuide or read about how API connectivity can help support your business.