Originals Guides: Secret tips from fellow guides


Are you looking to boost your guide knowledge? Look no further. In the recent guide session that we hosted with our Originals guides, we discussed some of the most burning topics in the guide community such as: “how to be an incredible guide”, and ”how to deal with unexpected challenges that happen during tours”. 

From hearing about how to make your tours fun to learning how to manage latecomers, the guide’s tips were so great that we compiled them all into 1 place for you. Look back at them for a refresher on what was discussed, or learn something new to prepare for when you’re up and running again.

1. How to be an incredible guide 

Find out the top 6 qualities our customers have identified as the most important qualities an amazing guide should have!

2. How to address the most common challenges that you encounter on tours  

We identified the 6 most common challenges in guided tours. Find out here what strategies you can employ to make the experience smoother in these situations.

We hope you enjoy the tips and if you have any other advice you’d give to others, let us know at toms@getyourguide.com. Have fun!