From our research, we know wow factors are essential in making every tour unforgettable. If we make every tour unforgettable, we leave long lasting memories for the traveler. 

Our first wow factor is: create a special atmosphere using 1 of the 5 senses

We wanted to take you on a journey around the globe where you can see first hand examples of how Originals guides have engaged the 5 senses to delight our travelers and build unforgettable memories. 

  1. Sight: Prague Castle Tour

The best guides know that one of the things every traveler wants to take away from their trip is the best photo or selfie of their visit. This is why the Prague Castle Originals guides have researched the best photo points and always point them out to travelers and make a stop to accommodate picture taking. For example, did you know that the Prague Castle is the biggest Castle area of the world? The guide takes the travelers winding through the streets of Prague to the perfect outlook, giving them a chance to not only snap the best unobstructed pictures, but also transport them back in time to see the layered history and stories bringing the castle to life

2. Hearing: Croatia Blue Cave

It’s 9 am, the sun is glistening on the crystal clear blue waters in the Split port. The guide and skipper are welcoming travelers on board the sleek speedboat, ready to whisk them all away to see some of the most intense electric blue water they’ve ever seen. As everyone gets settled in, the guide gives a welcome intro to the group, and proceeds to turn on a fun loud rock music playlist – the travelers are instantly smiling, some are even dancing! Everyone is ready for the incredible journey ahead. As they jet out to sea, rock n roll carrying them over the ocean waves, they hear the wind blowing around them. The tour is off to an incredible start, and this is only the beginning.

3. Touch: Desert Safari in Dubai

Travelers are making the slow journey up the sand dunes. Every step forward sinks them a little back in the sand, but the reward at the top is well worth the effort. Rolling gold sand dunes are visible as far as they can see. They sit in the fine sand, sliding their feet into their sandboard – a wooden board shaped just like a snowboard. As they stand up, ready to descend the mountain of sand, the guide is there encouraging them – “bend your knees! That’s it. Wahoo!” They place their hand in the sand for balance, feeling the fine, warm sand tickle their fingers as they fly down the dune. They land safely at the bottom – filled with adrenaline and that unforgettable feeling of sand in their fingertips. 

4. Smell: Rome Food Tour

The guide navigates the group through the winding, cobblestone streets of Rome. As they turn the corner, the overpowering smell of deliciously baked bread hits them. The group picks up the pace, following those simple yet mouth wateringly good ingredients. They stop at the source of the smell – an old bakery where they hand each traveler a fresh slice of pizza. They admire the crispy dough crust, the perfectly melted mozzarella cheese and take a deep inhale – savoring that smell of food cooked with love and lots of olive oil.

5. Taste: Lisbon City Cruise 

The tall white sail flaps in the wind as the sun sets over the Tagus river. The guide opens a bottle of Vinho Verde wine and serves each traveler, explaining that Vinho Verde is not a grape, but a region in Northern Portugal, known for its rolling green hills. As travelers clink glasses with their new sailing companions, they take the first sip. The taste is unique – incredibly crisp and almost fizzy and their taste buds transport them to those rolling green hills. 

I hope you enjoyed the journey! Now, which of the 5 senses could you help elevate on your tours? We would love to hear from you!