Looking for something new this year? As we say goodbye to 2020, it’s a great time to invest in ourselves by deepening our knowledge or learning something new. So whether you miss guiding, want to stay in touch with the tourism business, or are into learning and want to become an even better guide in 2021, this article is for you! 

Below, we share 4 exciting ways you can make use of the best freely accessible resources for guides.

1. Watch some guide training online


As much of the world remains in lockdown, why not take advantage of the abundance of online resources that have sprung up?  There are some fantastic resources prepared by fellow tour aficionados that can help you boost your guiding skills. One of the most comprehensive is Be a Better Guide Project, run by the charismatic Kelsey, a guide and a tour company owner, whose Youtube channel offers plenty of fun and useful advice. Our favorites are pieces on how to get the group’s attention and how to handle an upset customer.  

If you’re more into storytelling, we recommend the Extraordinary Storytelling series (you have to register to see the videos, but otherwise it’s completely free), which – is also hosted by Be a Better Guide Project. It’s a short 4-part series on how to tell, and how not to tell a great story on a tour. If you prefer to read, look no further than this fantastic article by Checkfront, which will tell you with examples, how to craft a memorable story. And if your tours focus on history, check out this fantastically insightful on guides vs. history teachers and their relationship with (hi)story-telling.

2. Spark your curiosity with the best news sources in the tourism industry


Looking to expand your horizons and keep the pulse on the tourism industry news? Well, we have a few places to recommend in that case, one of our favorite resources (apart from the GetYourGuide Blog) is Arival, who brings you articles, stories, and research to understand the world of tour operators and guides. If you’re looking for daily updates on travel and recovery, you cannot go wrong by consulting Phocuswire, Travel Weekly, and Skift – or sign up for their newsletters to have the news delivered to you (if we had to pick just 1 to subscribe to, we’d recommend Phocuswire).

3. Take a break from reading with these podcasts


For an overall industry view, we recommend Tourpreneur, which features interviews with tour operators. Sidenote: they also have a fantastic weekly newsletter.  Make sure you check out this interview with one of our own Carlee Stellfox Loya, the Regional Director of Americas in GetYourGuide. 

If you’re curious to see what it looks like when guides run podcasts (our favorite thing), check out Through the Eyes of a Guide, by the charismatic Nicole Flores, which also focuses on interviews. She’s even spoken to Kelsey from Be a Better Guide. If you’re a history buff, tune in to A Guided Tour of… (both hosts are located in Prague, so the episodes are focused on Central Europe) and Radio Vagabond which features gripping stories by a full-time traveler Palle Bo, who is currently traveling the world and thus fulfilling some of our wanderlust right now. 

4. Try something random and different


If you’re not quite sure which direction you’d like to take this year, go to Year Compass, a deep exercise guide that helps you reflect on your year and make a plan for the next. Alternatively, just have some fun by watching the TV show QI – a must-see for curious minds as it’s full of Quite Interesting fun facts. Try searching for your country and see whether Stephen Fry and his group have covered it in a previous episode.

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