Day trips are a key part in the world of travel experiences. It is an incredibly diverse space. Regardless of what type of experience you offer, here are 7 things you need to get right to wow your customers.

1. Create a smooth start

Customers want a seamless pickup from their hotel or meeting point. This means that above all else, they want to be picked up on time from their designated location. It is also of paramount importance to know where the meeting point is so that any delay can be avoided. No one wants to start the day on a wrong foot or worse, accidentally hopping onto the wrong tour.

2. Be a buddy for a day 

Travelers want to remember local guides long after their vacation. Not only single tourists, but also groups of travelers look for a trusty companion on their mini-vacation. The day trip guide needs to be their go-to-person for everything for the whole day. As such, customers want to bond with the guide. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the guide is friendly, versatile and treats every customer equally. In the best case, the guide will be kept in good memory for good laughs, conversations, and an outstanding experience. 

3. Write a juicy pitch 

Travelers want a mini-vacation within a vacation. Day Trips give our customers the chance to escape from their vacation location and experience the country and people in more detail. On top, Day Trips are booked for convenience to avoid organizing each individual element of a day. Hence, the offering should spark interest while helping the customers to avoid research elsewhere. The tour description needs to be crisp yet comprehensive so it’s clear what is included.

4. Provide a rich day 

Travelers want to seize the day with a perfectly planned itinerary which should be well communicated. The most valuable asset on earth is time: your day trip customers are giving up a whole day of their lives. Work out a plan that ensures they do not spend too much time in transit, have time for themselves to enjoy a location, get to meet and talk to people on-trip, and can return home at the communicated return time. Nothing bothers customers more than uncertainty on a day trip.

5. Make your experience unique 

On a day trip, travelers get the chance to glimpse at something previously unknown. Magical day trips make customers feel that the combination of what they do, see and eat is unique to them. Be it an ice cream from a vendor around the corner in a tiny city in Tuscany or a photo stop with a view hidden from mass tourism, customers love exclusive moments!

6. Offer the best transportation 

Travelers want to feel safe and comfortable at any point of time. It is essential that they feel they can put their full trust in you.  As much as the guide, the driver and the means of transportation need to give the customers the feeling that they are secure during the transportation part of their day trip. If your trip requires lots of time spent on the road traveling between location sites, make it as comfortable as possible. Else, any pain and discomfort experienced will overshadow the good experiences.

7. Have a strong environmental awareness

Travelers demand high environmental standards. Many are thinking about the way their travel affects the environment and how they can plan their trips in an eco-conscious manner. Recent studies found that 87% of respondents indicated they want to travel sustainably. Furthermore, 60% of those surveyed said “being impressed by natural sights during their own travels” was a factor that inspired their desire to travel sustainably. At the end of the day, travelers are increasingly seeking out companies that respect the environment and are avoiding those that don’t. As an experience provider, you’re under even more scrutiny to conserve the surroundings in your area. Showcasing to travelers that this is important to you not only betters your chance of securing their booking (and positive reviews), but also sets your business up for prolonged success.