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Against the background of current regulations on social distancing, outdoor activities have a clear leg up compared to other activities, as these experiences take place in the open air. However, this advantage can be pushed even further through digitization — another “side effect” of the current COVID-19 crisis, which has forced businesses to modernize and adopt new technologies. For many local partners, utilizing digital booking tools such as bookingkit in conjunction with GetYourGuide as a partner is an opportunity to gain more visibility and grow your business. 

The following 5 advantages give an insight into the benefits of digitalization especially for providers of outdoor activities.

1. Optimize on capacity and prevent overbooking with time slot tickets

bookingkit enables easy allocation and direct booking of time slot tickets. This feature has become vital not only to ensure compliance with health regulations and capacity caps, but also for optimizing your capacity. As GetYourGuide has a direct interface with bookingkit, all start times and availabilities are synchronized in real-time. This makes overbooking or manual synchronization a thing of the past.

2. Make online bookings possible 24/7 without any manual effort

Digital booking options have the advantage that they can be made at any time and from any device, without manual effort. In addition, the subsequent process of booking confirmation, ticket dispatch, invoicing, and information transfer for e.g. meeting points, times and special arrangements, also run automatically. Even spontaneous bookings made shortly before the time slot are possible, provided that spots are still available. 

3. Offer travelers greater flexibility with e-tickets and contactless check-ins 

In order to keep manual effort and physical contact at check-in to a minimum, bookingkit provides several options: the QR codes on our e-tickets can be scanned via our free app or directly at any of our many supported turnstile systems. This, of course, also applies to all tickets purchased via GetYourGuide. So you can say goodbye to paper tickets for good.

4. Generate revenue anytime with vouchers

Outdoor offers are often dependent on the time of year, the seasons, or at very least the weather. In order to generate sales even during the less frequented times, the voucher business has now become a staple for many local partners. We provide all necessary voucher functions, from the purchase of flexible types of vouchers, to various ways of gifting them, to convenient redemption on the desired date.

5. Save time and resources with automatic handling of rebookings and cancellations 

Now more than ever, customers expect simple and clear cancellation conditions and options. Precisely because a cancellation always represents a short-term loss of sales, it is important not to “waste” too much time on handling cancellations. In addition, a transparent, simple handling of cancellations is much more likely to create mutual trust and goodwill, and thus ensure a high rate of rebooking or new bookings. At bookingkit, once a cancellation is made, we immediately re-distribute any free capacity to your experience. Any free capacity is immediately re-attributed  This means that your outdoor adventure will always have the maximum possible availability, without you having to intervene manually.

A few additional advantages of using online booking systems

Of course, booking systems like bookingkit offer a whole range of other fundamental advantages. These include easy integration on your own website, booking processing with all common payment providers, and the possibility to evaluate and continuously optimize your own business. 

Digitalization, digital networking between companies, and the automatic flow of information is the basis for all these things and represent a huge opportunity for outdoor adventure organizers! 

For more information on the popularity of outdoor activities, check out this post, if you look at more details about connectivity, have a look at this other post.

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